Carers Trust

Carers Trust: getting involved in their work (session 2 of 2)

Carers Trust would like to invite carers (aged 18 or over) to two online sessions about how carers can be more involved in their work.

Session 1 (Monday 4 October, morning, exact time to be confirmed, 1 hour) will explore the scope and parameters for the new Carers Trust involvement approach. During the session we will explore:

  • what carers would like to see carer involvement achieve at Carers Trust and for carers.
  • where carers see value in more involvement and how they would expect this to impact Carers Trust.
  • what Carers Trust would need to do to support carers to input in the ways discussed.

There will be two NPC facilitators and 1 or 2 staff from Carers Trust who will not provide input as participants but provide support to unpaid carers in the session should they need it. The session will be designed so that participants feel encouraged to share their views and make comments. There will be a group of 6 – 8 carers in the session. A facilitator will ask a number of questions to the group for carers to respond to and discuss with other participants. The facilitators take notes of the discussion and carers feedback will inform future sessions with Carers Trust staff and the design of the final approach.

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04 Oct 2021
1 hour