Dorset Council are working with Social Enterprise Bridgit Care to provide access to online support for anyone who cares for friends, relatives or neighbours. It’s free, quick to use and available 24/7. Bridgit can help you to get access to advice, guidance, information about your caring role, local events, discounts, and services.

Bridgit will also provide access to the first part of a carers assessment online, submitting your information to start the process which is then completed by an Adult Social Care Practitioner in person or over the phone. We would recommend working through the self-help tools before starting an assessment.

Bridgit aims to;

  • Introduce an online tool where carers can access an assessment when they want to – empowering them to write in their own words what they want included.
  • Enable carers with consent to automatically register with Carer Support Dorset, to benefit from all their advice, training and support and receive a carers card.
    • Help identify what services and community support are within a carers area to make it easier to connect.
  • Inform carers 24/7 what is available to them, including community support and the eligibility criteria for support from the council.

Use this link to get support today: