There are so many apps on the market for a variety of different things, from fitness and cooking to mental health and games. There are even apps out there specifically for carers and their cared for that may help you in your caring role.

Please note, the app developer is solely responsible for their app’s advertisement, compliance and fitness for purpose. Unless stated otherwise, apps are not supplied by Carer Support Dorset and Carer Support Dorset is not liable for their use. Carer Support Dorset don’t endorse any of the apps (but that they are widely used/recommended by carers).

Some of these apps may have paid features.

Health and care apps

  1. Jointly (app has paid features) –
    So much to remember? Lots of people to tell? The Jointly App has been created to make things easier for carers. It’s a place to easily store and share information with others in the caring loop. You can set up appointments, allocate tasks, manage medication and save files so that everyone involved in the care of your loved one is kept informed. Developed by Carers UK, we can offer carers registered with us access to the app for free.
  2. NHS App (free) –
    Owned and run by the NHS, the NHS App is a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet. You can also access the NHS 111 online service to check symptoms and get advice.
  3. My GP (free) –
    The myGP app lets you book GP appointments (if your GP is signed up to the service), order repeat prescriptions and set up medication reminders on your smartphone. You can add family members to the app to help you take care of them, too.
  4. mySugr (free) –
    The free mySugr logbook app is an easy and complete diabetes tracker for your phone.
  5. HealthUnlocked (free) –
    Find and connect with people with a similar health condition using HealthUnlocked. The service has over 700 online communities focused on health and wellbeing topics including cancer, thyroid disease, running and weight loss. With more than 4 million monthly users, there is a community for you.

Accessibility apps

  1. Blue Badge Parking (free) – is the world’s biggest and most up-to-date crowd-sourced map of disabled parking spaces.
  2. AccessAble (free) –
    Use AccessAble to find wheelchair friendly venues or check out disabled access and facilities. AccessAble is Your Accessibility Guide.
  3. BlueAssistance (free) –
    BlueAssist is a very special system that is designed to help anyone who has difficulty communicating no matter what the cause, to find a way for asking for help, or making a request when out and about. If you have problems speaking, or suffer anxiety that makes it hard to speak, or you do not remember things well BlueAssist can help.
  4. BlindSquare (paid app) –
    BlindSquare is a new solution that combines the latest technology to help blind people with their daily lives. It has been developed in collaboration with blind people and carefully field tested.
  5. Envision (free) –
    Envision is a smartphone app that empowers blind and low vision users to be independent by speaking out the visual world around them.
  6. rogervoice (free) –
    The first technology worldwide for deaf and hard of hearing persons using free captioned phone calls.

Organisation, schedule and lifestyle app

  1. (has paid features) –
    Organize your tasks, lists and reminders in one easy to-do app. syncs seamlessly across all of your devices, making your to-do list accessible everywhere.
  2. Recipe Keeper (free) –
    Recipe Keeper is the quick and easy way to collect, organize and share all your favorite recipes across your devices.
  3. Life 360 (has paid features) –
    Life360 brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most.

Mental health and wellbeing apps

  1. SAM (free) –
    SAM will help you to understand what causes your anxiety, monitor your anxious thoughts and behaviour over time and manage your anxiety through self-help exercises and private reflection.
  2. MyLife (has paid features) –
    Fit mindfulness into your daily life with meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and more.
  3. Worry Tree (free) –
    The WorryTree app aims to help you take control of worry wherever you are.  You can use the app to record whatever you feel worried about. It uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to help you notice and challenge your worries. It can also help you create an action plan for managing worry.
  4. Pizizz (has paid features) –
    The Pzizz app helps you quickly calm your mind, fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.
    It uses “dreamscapes” – a mix of music, voiceovers and sound effects designed using the latest clinical research – to help you sleep better at night or take power naps during the day.

Condition specific apps

  1. Voice Analyst (paid) –
    Parkinson’s UK recommend this app for analysing the pitch and volume of your voice, record and store your voice and email recordings to your doctor or specialist.
  2. House of Memories (free) –
    House of Memories is a museum-led dementia awareness programme which offers training, access to resources, and museum-based activities to enable carers to provide person-centred care for people living with dementia.

Children’s health and wellbeing apps

  1. Rafi-Tone (free) –
    The Rafi-Tone app is designed to make using an inhaler with a spacer easier and more fun for young children with wheeze or asthma symptoms. With guidance from Rafi Robot, the app’s star, your child can improve their breathing technique.
  2. JABtalk (free) –
    JABtalk is a free open source Android speech communication application designed to help non-verbal children and adults communicate.
  3. vCreate (requires hospital sign up) –
    vCreate is a Secure Video Messaging service that allows clinical teams in – and Paediatric Units to send video updates to parents for those times when they’re unable to be with their child.
  4. Todo Visual Schedule (Paid app) –
    Todo Visual Schedule is a Apple app for creating picture-based, personalized daily schedules for children.