Simple devices and apps can help make life easier.

The Jointly App – Sharing care in a central place.

So much to remember? Lots of people to tell? The Jointly App has been created to make things easier for carers –

It’s a place to easily store and share information with others in the caring loop. You can set up appointments, allocate tasks, manage medication and save files so that everyone involved in the care of your loved one is kept informed.

The Forum – Connect with other carers on this supportive, online community.

Caring for someone can sometimes be lonely and it’s rarely 9 to 5. Support services aren’t always available when you need them and friends, family or work colleagues might not understand.

Join the friendly Forum online community to access support, information and enjoy online chats with others who care for a loved one or have experience of caring –

Available to carers registered with us, the forum is moderated and managed by Carers UK.

‘In Case of Emergency’ (ICE)

‘ICE’ is a campaign started by a paramedic to help emergency staff quickly find who to contact. You can store the word ICE in your mobile phone address book with the number of the person you’d like people to contact, for example your back-up carer. If something happens to you, ambulance, police or hospital staff will look for the word ICE in your phone’s address book and call that person. If you have more than one person to contact in an emergency, you can list them as ICE1, ICE2, ICE3.

If your phone has a lock with a passcode, you can put ICE information on your phone’s ‘lock screen’. Your phone instruction manual will have information on how to do this, or you can visit this website, to find out more –


If you feel you could benefit from equipment to support your caring role, such as a laptop then you may wish to consider applying for funding via The Leonardo Trust –

Carer Support Dorset can help you with your application.