Tax, Care & The New Guy

In this talk our expert speakers from Silverline Legal will briefly cover Inheritance Tax and recent changes to it. We will discuss the different options available to us that may benefit us as individuals.

They will also cover the topic of care and how each one of us are expected to pay for our own long-term care fees.  Due to this, hundreds of houses are sold every year to cover the costs of our long-term care fees.

Then there is the New Guy! What our speakers mean by this, is, what happens if there is a re-marriage, and how to protect your assets to ensure they are left in the hands of those you have chosen to benefit.


We will touch up about how to choose a Will that is right for your circumstances and wishes.

Our speakers will also cover the topic of Lasting Powers of Attorney and the different types along with their importance.

17 Oct 2023
10:30 - 11:30am


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