Carers Trust

Carers Trust: getting involved in their work (session 1 of 2)

Carers Trust would like to invite carers (aged 18 or over) to two online sessions about how carers can be more involved in their work.

Session 2 (Wednesday 27 October 9.30-1.00) Carers Trust staff and carers will build options for Carers Trust’s approach, aims, principles, and possible processes and practices for carer involvement. We will also aim to come to a shared understanding of what Carers Trust and carers are trying to achieve together and build a sense of ownership of the emerging approach. During the session we will seek to:

  • agree the intended outcomes of involvement and the vision
  • explore and agreeing key principles of user involvement at Carers Trust
  • explore different processes and practices across Carers Trust (where carers could be involved, pros and cons of different options and trade-offs to consider, and support needed to enable changes and how to ensure the greatest benefit for carers in participating)
  • explore how gradual changes and progress could be planned over 1, 3 and 5 years, as the organisation learns about what works well and less well for carers and staff.

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27 Oct 2021