Over the next few months, Dorset Council will be talking to people about its plans and strategies for adult social care and support in the future. You can get involved – by attending one of of their public roadshow sessions, or submitting your feedback online or by post.

A number of roadshows will take place across the county over the coming months. Each will offer guests an opportunity to engage with a main theme, including conversations on mental health, staying healthy in your community and accommodation. Find out more about the sessions and where they are taking place.

If you are unable to make it in person to an event, you can also submit your feedback – on the overall proposed strategy, or on specific elements, such as those that affect older people, working age people and carers – on the website. Or there are details to submit feedback by post.

You can read the strategy and plans online on Dorset Council’s website. Dorset Council wants its strategies to represent you, your thoughts, and observations on what accessing care and support in Dorset is like. Help to ensure the strategies are fit for the future and represent your views, by sharing your ideas and comments.