Trustees’ Week celebrates the achievements of over 1 million charity trustees in the UK. This year it starts on Monday 7 November and we’re using the week to thank all of Carer Support Dorset’s amazing trustees and volunteers.

Our trustees come from a variety of walks of life and the majority are currently caring for someone or have cared for someone in the past. They share a desire to contribute their professional skills and experience to ensure that our charity is doing the best job possible to support unpaid carers.

Below we chat with trustee Rosario, who is a former young carer, about her role with Carer Support Dorset. You can also watch videos of our Chair Liz and trustee Nigel talking about their roles.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Carer Support Dorset we usually have roles available. If you are interested in becoming a trustee, even if we don’t currently have vacancies, you can contact us and register your interest at

Rosario, Carer Support Wiltshire and Dorset trustee

Q. Can you tell us three things that are great about being a trustee? 

A. One of the best things about being a trustee is having the opportunity to give back to Carer Support Dorset.

I started being supported by the charity in 2019, at a very difficult time and feeling like I had a support network helped a lot.

I became a trustee because I wanted to help contribute and my involvement helps me feel like I have a purpose.

I want other unpaid carers to receive the excellent support I have, and I want to use my lived experience to help influence my fellow trustees.

In addition to making an impact on the lives of unpaid carers, helping to shape the direction of Carer Support Dorset and contribute to improvements that are being made is a privilege.

Working with the other trustees and members of the Carer Support Dorset team has been a very rewarding experience. At every board and sub-committee meeting I am always learning from others as well as having a chance to have a voice.

It’s helped contribute to my growth as a person and helped me gain skills and understanding for my career, which is also in the charity sector. Being trustee has given me the chance to see how a charity operates.

Q. What is your greatest achievement/the thing you’re most proud of doing as a CSD trustee?

I am most proud of helping to set up and lead the Carers Advisory Group. The group creates a link between unpaid carers and the board of trustees. Its purpose is to give unpaid carers the chance to get their voice heard and help Carer Support Dorset to understand how to better support carers, influence services and help other unpaid carers. I am excited to see the group grow and develop.

Q. Why should someone become a trustee?

You should become a trustee if you enjoy a challenge and want to make a change. It’s also a great way to meet interesting and diverse people who share your drive to help others.

You can find out more about volunteering with Carer Support Dorset and view current vacancies on our volunteering page.