As a carer you might find it difficult to make time for yourself, but remember that your health is important too. If you are happy and well, you are better able to help and support others.

Tell your GP that you are a carer so they can offer you advice and support. Your GP practice has a Carer’s Lead who can help you by providing information and advice. As a carer you are also entitled to a free yearly flu vaccination, ask your GP for more information.

Live Well Dorset offer a free service if you would like support to change your lifestyle and improve your wellbeing. They have information to help stop smoking, increase physical activity, manage weight and reduce alcohol intake. Call them on 0800 840 1628.

If you feel you could benefit from some counselling, The Leonardo Trust offer unpaid carers in Dorset a counselling service if you meet certain criteria. If you want further mental health support, are struggling with loneliness or want to see how you can have a break from your caring role,  see our others resources pages for more ideas of how to help support yourself as well as the person you care for.

Not A Care in the World have a free downloadable handbook written by a carer on things like self-care, confidence and communicating with others. Download this free handbook on their website. 

South West HOPE (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively) Programme offer free online courses for unpaid carers, parents of autistic young people and for those coping with loss, change and grief. You can find out more on the Hope for the Community website.