There are many myths and rumours about caring, being a carer, and what caring involves.

Often people tell us they’re worried about reaching out for help because of rumours they’ve heard about what it means to register as a carer. But here at Carer Support Dorset we want to encourage unpaid carers to reach out for the help and support available to them to make their lives just a little bit easier.

Below are some common myths and rumours about caring and the facts to ease your concerns and worries.

Is it true if I reach out for support or register as a carer, the person I care for could get taken away by social services?

This is the biggest concern we hear from carers wanting to reach out for support. But the truth is, this only happens in really extreme cases as a last resort, like if someone is being harmed or is in an unsafe situation.

Once you register as a carer, the most likely thing to happen is an increase in support and access to things you may not have realised are out there for you and the person you care for. It really is better to reach out, even just to talk things through with one of our lovely team members.

Is it true that you can only be a carer if the things you help with are physical, like pushing a wheelchair or helping someone get dressed?

It is true that many carers undertake physical tasks to help the person they care for, like pushing wheelchairs, helping someone in and out of bed and more.

But the truth is, many people caring for someone with mental health problems don’t have to assist with the physical side of caring, and often providing a large amount emotional support is just as important as helping with physical tasks.

In fact, Carers Trust found that 1 in 4 carers care for someone with a mental health problem rather than a physical disability or illness. So we understand at Carer Support Dorset that no two caring roles look the same.

Is it true that if I register as a carer I won’t be able to stay employed or continue studying?

Caring can of course be hard and time-consuming, so often people find it hard to continue working or studying.

But the truth is, registering as a carer means you can get access to the support you need to enable you to continue working, studying and caring, if that is something you wish to continue. Carers often tell us they want to stay in employment or continue their academic or career paths, and the support and advice we offer can help you achieve this.

If you’re worried about something you’ve heard about caring that’s not mentioned here, please contact us –