Financial Planning for Carers

You can get help and support if you’re responsible for looking after someone who has a disability, is getting older or has become ill.

Help with money

You may be able to get help to increase your income if your caring duties are affecting your finances. Depending on your income, assets and living arrangements, you might be able apply for support. The Citzens Advice website has information on:
• Applying for Carer’s Allowance and other benefits
• Getting help with paying for prescriptions and other healthcare costs from the NHS low income scheme
• Cutting down your household costs, including gas and electricity bills, or council tax discounts
• Having your contributions towards your state pension covered by the government if you’ve given up or cut down paid work to care for someone. Carers UK also has advice to help you protect your pension
• Getting a grant or other financial help from a local charity or trust. For example, Turn2Us has details of charities that might be able to help you.

Help for the person you’re caring for

Making sure the person you’re caring for gets all the social care and support they’re entitled to could mean your role as a carer is made easier. They’re entitled to get a care needs assessment from the council. The citizens advice website had information on benefits and support on
claiming benefits,
● making arrangements for you to look after their affairs, for example through power of attorney,
complaining about the social care and support services they’ve received.

Dorset Carers Card Scheme

If you are registered as a carer with us then you will be eligible for the Carers Card Scheme. If you haven’t yet registered as a carer then contact Carer Support Dorset today to do so.

The scheme offers a range of discounts on goods and services including:

  • Days out and activities
  • Travel and holidays
  • Health and beauty
  • Sport and fitness
  • Places to eat and drink
  • Trades and services

Information about where you can use your card is available on the My Carers Card website directory  which is updated regularly.

Grants for carers

If you, or the person you care for need extra help to pay for something, there are many grants, funds, and charities, like the Carers Trust or The Leonardo Trust that may be able to help with funding for things you might need. Contact us to find out more.

More information

If you need further help or advice, there are a number of organisations you can contact.
These include:
Carers UK for further information about financial support available
The Carers Trust to find out about grants available for you or the person you care for.
AgeUK Financial Support for Carers

You can also call us at Carer Support Dorset for any advice, information and support around finances and more. Call us free on 0800 368 8349 (Mon – Thurs 9.30am-4.30pm, Friday 9.30am-4pm).