Danielle has been a carer from a young age. She was a carer for her brother who sadly died of cancer and now looks after her mum who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Mum is wheelchair bound and has to have an oxygen tank with her at all times. When Danielle was 22 her father left the family home and Danielle had to give up work to be her mum’s main carer.

Unable to work and with limited opportunities to see friends, or go out socially, Danielle knows first-hand how lonely caring for a loved one can be. The stress of coping on her own eventually took its toll and led Danielle to crisis point, but she continued caring for her mum. Now Danielle is learning that it’s ok to reach out for support and put herself first sometimes.

Danielle has put her own life and ambitions on hold to care for her mum. There are thousands like her who don’t get the support they need and suffer alone, feeling isolated and unable to reach out.

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