We’ve handpicked some useful online resources and information to help you think about what you could do in the future, whether that is working, studying, doing an apprenticeship or volunteering.

If you are a young carer it might be difficult to see how you can fit your life and aspirations around caring, or maybe you find it hard to think about employment, apprenticeships or studying. These resources and ideas give you a place to start this perhaps daunting process. Through every step there is support for you.

Prospects website gives a range of information on work experience, career profiles for over 400 jobs, information about volunteering, graduate opportunities and advice for applying for jobs and going to interviews.

The UCAS website given information on university applications but also other opportunities like apprenticeships and self-employment, including a career quiz.

Resources from carers trust

Carers Trust have a Skills card to help you tell others about your skills as a young carer. They also have a skills journal that can help you to identify and describe the skills you have as a young carer.

Coming close to 18? Not sure how you can manage next steps…

If you’re not sure what’s next or how you can find ways to achieve your dreams and goals or even if your just finding it hard to find balance in your life outside of caring YACbook is a great resource. YACbook covers a wide range of topics from college, university, getting a job, mental health, looking after yourself and much more at

There is always options and other ways of finding a way forward even with the responsibilities of caring. For example,

You might think there is no way I can do university and caring but there are options. You could:

  • Study part-time
  • Check out the range of Open University degrees and courses
  • Try apprenticeships

Or maybe you finding the prospect or reality of work and caring too much, you could:

  • Tell managers about your caring role and ask for flexible working. You have the right to request this, you can more about your rights while working on the NiDirect website
  • Complete a carer’s assessment which can help get you more support. To start this process, you can register with us on 0800 368 8349.
  • Get further support specifically for you. If you are a Young Adult Carers aged from 18-25 who are currently not working or in education you can receive support and guidance to identify and access a job or further education course which both interests them and will fit alongside their caring responsibilities with MY TIME. You can find out about what My time can do to support you on their website.

These resources and support can help show you there are still options, just be open-minded and celebrate you and your skills.

Putting a plan in place

If you are approaching 18 and feeling anxious about leaving home and how the person you care for are going to be looked after, we are here to help.

If you want to talk through how to make sure the person you care for will still be looked after once you move away for university or start working, you can get in touch with us on 0800 368 8349 or admin@carersupportdorset.co.uk.

Alternatively, here are a few steps that might help you.

  • Make sure your college/school knows that you are a young carer. They might be able to support you with advice and guidance as well as make you feel more confident in your next steps.
  • Contact your local council to let them know your current situation as a young carer and tell them that you are moving away to university/starting work etc. and will no longer be able to provide the level of support you do at the moment. They will talk through the options with you for providing support to the person you care for. This might be getting regular carers to visit your family member or relative.
  • Make sure that your university/workplace/apprenticeship (whatever you decide to go on to do) know about your role as a young carer so that you can request flexibility when you need it. For example, asking for an extension on an assignment or taking time off to be able to care for your loved one.