Young Carer Action Day (YCAD) is an annual event run by Carers Trust. For the past 6 years, YCAD has raised awareness for young carers, the contribution they make to their families and communities and created a platform for young carers to share their voices and experiences.

What does YCAD celebrate?

In 2021, YCAD is focusing on ‘Protecting Young Carers Futures’. This action day, we are highlighting the incredible skills that young carers have developed through their caring role, whether that is empathy, resilience, time management, budgeting or independence. It is important for employers, workforces and higher education organisations to recognise that these skills are highly sought after and that young carers should be open to the same opportunities as every young person. You can read more about YCAD at

We’ve updated our website!

Protecting your future

Celebrate yourself and your skills this Young Carers Action Day. There are so many skills you learn through your role as a carer that you probably just take for granted or don’t think about. All these skills can help you create the future you want for yourself. Maybe you communicate differently to suit the needs of the person you care for? Or you time manage your caring role around school or work? Maybe you help out with finding out information or advocate for someone at medical appointments. All these skills are transferable especially when you’re thinking about job applications, universities application and more. Show off all you have learned from being a carer!

Show your Skills

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when we think about our skills and what we could put on a CV or application. Carers Trust provide some great resources to get you thinking about how you could transfer your daily life as a carer into measurable skills you can use to help your future. Find out more on their website at

Looking forward

If you’re not sure what’s next or how you can find ways to achieve your dreams and goals or even if your just finding it hard to find balance in your life outside your caring role you can read some more about information about how to start thinking about your future in our info zone at 

If you’re struggling?

Text SHOUT free on 85258 24/7 to speak to a trained volunteer or call Childline free on 0800 1111 or use their webchat function to talk 1-2-1 with a counsellor.