Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The media and the shops are full of romantic ways to show someone you love them in the lead up to Valentine’s Day but it’s important that you take time out from you and even more so if you are a carer.

Being a carer for someone can be very draining physically, emotionally and financially, all of which can take a toll on your mental health.

Here are some tips that we’ve compiled to help you care more for yourself, appropriate for any day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day:

Plan your own pamper night

You know what makes you happy. Whether it’s a long bath, reading a book or catching your favourite programme on TV. Plan some time out for you if you can. Try and get your feet up and relax as best you can.

Another great way to relax is to listen to some of the podcasts or mindful mixes that you can find on the BBC Sounds app. There’s also a wide range of music to choose from too. Alternatively, Headspace is a meditation app that can teach you mindfulness and meditation in easy-to-follow steps.

Talk to someone close to you

Let off steam by talking to someone close to you. If you don’t feel there’s anyone that you can turn to, perhaps consider signing up for our Here to Talk service? This free service connects you with one of our friendly volunteers for a regular chat.

Take yourself for a walk

Getting outside into the fresh air can help improve your mood. Nature’s benefits to wellbeing are well documented. Perhaps try a route you’ve not been on before or see if you can spot the emergence of any spring flowers? If you are looking for further inspiration, Stepping into Nature has lots of ideas for connecting with the nature around you.

Look after your physical health

Keeping yourself physically healthy will not only benefit the person you care for, but yourself and your own mental health too. If you are stuck for where to start, contact one of LiveWell Dorset’s Health Coaches, who can guide you through easy steps to a healthier way of living.

Get further support with your caring role

If you would like to talk through anything about your caring role, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly Carer Advisers are here to help. Call us today on 0800 368 8349.