Carers Trust have now published the results of their recent survey.

The survey has come up with some extremely concerning findings:

• Only a tiny fraction (12%) of unpaid carers agree they receive enough support from social care.
• The proportion (64%) of unpaid carers providing 50 hours care or more per week for a family member has almost tripled compared to the share of carers(23%) reporting the same number of hours in the 2011 census.
• 54% of carers have given up, or reduced, paid work because of caring responsibilities.
• One in six (16%) reported that lockdowns and closure of local services has forced them into caring for an additional 40 hours or more per week.

With carers exhausted from all the extra hours spent caring and the lack of support they receive, it is unsurprising that the three most common responses given by unpaid carers about what support they need most to continue caring were:

• A break or respite (59%)
• More money to support them as a carer (56%)
• Better support for the person or people they care for (60%)

You can read the full survey report here.