If you identify someone as a carer, please discuss with them about a referral to Carer Support Dorset. This will ensure they find out what support is available to them locally. They will be able to talk to a member of our Carer Adviser team and, if necessary, can be referred for a Carers Assessment with Dorset Council.

GP practices

GP practices are often the first point of contact for carers and are primary referrers to Carer Support Dorset for support for carers.

How we can help

It’s important GP practices identify the people registered with them who are carers. Providing support early on – such as referring to Carer Support Dorset and other organisations who can help with their specific needs – can protect the health and wellbeing of a carer and ensure they are able to continue caring for as long as they wish to do so.

We work closely with GP practices and offer a range of support, including access to leaflets, posters and other information and support and advice on how to be more carer friendly.

Ways to identify carers include:

  • Having a carers’ notice board
  • Keeping a display of Carer Support Dorset information in reception
  • Using the digital display template in reception
  • Keeping a carers’ register
  • Using annual flu clinics to identify and support previously ‘hidden’ or unknown carers

Downloadable resources

You can download a number of posters to display for staff and those in your waiting room areas.

  • Carer Support Dorset – services poster
  • Carer Support Dorset – recognise unpaid carers poster

How to contact us

If you work for a GP surgery and would like to find out more about our work with GP surgeries, please contact us on 0800 368 8349.