Sally looks after her elderly mother and has done for around 17 years. Her caring role started after her mother developed mobility problems which have got worse over the years. Her mother is now housebound and doesn’t really move except from her chair to her commode and back.

Sally does a lot for her mother; shopping, cooking her lunch and dinner, her laundry and much more. The amount of caring she has done over the last ten years has increased massively, although her mother does have some paid carers come in now to help with getting her up, washed and dressed and putting her to bed at night. Sally’s siblings have both passed away so she feels the care lies with her.

It has been challenging for Sally as her mother can be a difficult person and is very set in her ways. Her mother doesn’t like change to her routine so if different carers come in, or if times of Sally’s visits alter she can be very challenging as a result. Sally can find it wearing keeping her patience at times although does find that not telling her mother anything before she needs to helps. This then reduces the time her mother frets over things.

Before lockdown, Sally was given a couple of respite days each month in which she could spend some time catching up with friends or doing something for herself. Although Sally doesn’t have many hobbies, she has a very supportive bunch of friends, a couple of whom have been through similar caring experiences and are very understanding to her situation.

Sally and her husband haven’t been away on holiday for several years now. She feels they have got into a rut with caring and it’s just part of what they do. They are both looking forward to when lockdown restrictions are lifted though so they can see their two sons and their extended family.

If you are in a similar situation to Sally, get in touch with us. We can signpost you to a variety of organisations who may be able to help you. 

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